Numenera – O Nono Mundo

Monte Cook, o game designer mais famoso de Dungeons & Dragons, anunciou seu novo jogo, Numenera. Segue o release do site do autor:

I’m very proud to announce that next summer, I will be releasing a brand new roleplaying game called Numenera. The game system behind Numenera, called the Cypher System, is designed to be very simple to play and in particular to run as a GM, allowing the focus to be on role-playing, action, stories, and ideas. Numenera will be released under the Monte Cook Games banner.

Numenera’s setting is Earth, a billion years in the future, after eight great civilizations have risen and fallen. Thus, the setting is also called the Ninth World. The PCs are part of a new civilization rising in the Ninth World, hoping to forge its own destiny. But they must do so amid the remnants of a remarkable and in many ways unknowable past. The ancient peoples of prior eras mastered nanotechnology, interstellar travel, cosmic engineering, genetic engineering, and far stranger things. If the people of the Ninth World think of such things as magic, who are we to blame them?

To learn more, please check out the new Numenera site we’ve created. Also, come to my panel at GenCon, Thursday the 16th from 2 PM to 4 PM. I’ll be talking all about Numenera (and other things) and probably divulging all too much info. I’ll be doing similar panels at FanExpo Canada in Toronto and at DragonCon in Atlanta.

Numenera will be released as a full-color rulebook/setting book as well as an ebook. There will also be a very short ebook of just the rules. Numenera will be supported with a character generator tool as an app for phones and tablets, and an app that will contain all of the rules for easy reference.

To raise money needed for art, development, editing, and printing, I will be launching a Kickstarter in the next week or so. Contributors will get access to some very special rewards that won’t be available elsewhere. If the Kickstarter goes well, it will hopefully allow me to not only create Numenera, but to follow it up with a line of support products.

This is an exciting new journey for me. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

O jogo utilizará o Cypher System e está sendo produzido pela Monte Cook Games, através de financiamento coletivo, no site Kickstarter. Não sei vocês, mas esta mistura de ficção científica e fantasia despertou minha atenção!


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